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Head‘s Speech

In the name of God, the compassionate and the merciful, and hails to all His mediators of health and cure, whose only purpose in life is to seek knowledge and save the lives of people, Undoubtedly, the art of dentistry reaches perfection when it is accompanied by awareness and knowledge; art without knowledge is like a bird with only one wing.

Definitely, if dentists are not aware of the issues and concerns of the patients who refer to them (even with the least amount of possibilities), they will be misguided and might pose serious risk to the health of the patients. As is known, numerous patients have faced critical and even fatal conditions due to the negligence of the dentist, delayed treatment, misdiagnosis and unnecessary or inaccurate treatments. These errors must be avoided since sometimes; only one error could lead to irreversible consequences for the dentist and patient. Therefore, transmitting scientific experiences and achieving novel knowledge of dental diseases is of paramount importance, which could guarantee the eternal salvation of the dentists.

It is hoped that we never stop our endeavors in accomplishing our missions and serving people for the promotion of health.   


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